Local Tories challenged to back TFL fares freeze


Cllr Julian Bell Labour Leader of Ealing Council has today written to Angie Bray MP and Cllr David Millican Conservative Group Leader asking them to back the local campaign for a TFL fares freeze in 2014.

Cllr Bell has asked Angie Bray MP to support a motion in parliament supporting the campaign.

Under Boris Johnson, TFL fares have become the highest in the world. Since 2008 the cost of a single bus journey has increased by 56% and a zone 1-6 travel card is now £440 a year more expensive. Labour is calling on the Mayor to freeze fares at inflation for 2014.

Cllr Julian Bell said:

“I have today written to Ms Bray and Cllr Millican asking them to get behind this crucial campaign. The cost-of-living crisis in London is more important than party politics. Residents in Ealing are being squeezed between rising bills and frozen wages and desperately need the Mayor to ease the pressure on the cost of commuting from Ealing next year. They need to know their MP and Council Leader is on their side on important issues like this.”

Sadiq Khan, Shadow London Minister said:

“The Labour Party will work with anyone who can help us convince the Mayor to freeze fares and stop hurting hard-working Londoners during this cost-of-living crisis.”


1. Early Day Motion 516 is here – http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2013-14/516

2. The cost of a single zone 1-6 Oyster journey or its equivalent:

  • London £5.00

  • Paris – £1.46

  • New York – £1.60

  • Berlin – £2.66

  • Rome – £1.29

  • Miami – £1.28