20 Reasons to back Ealing Labour’s 2017 Anti-Austerity Budget

Full_Council_21.02.17.jpgOn Tuesday evening Labour councillors passed the budget for the coming financial year in Ealing Council. 

Despite the Tories cutting 50% of our funding and having to find £168 million in savings since 2010, we have managed to develop a Labour budget, founded on solidly Labour values to help the residents of Ealing weather the harshest elements of the Tory austerity agenda.

Most importantly, we have been able to deploy almost £13 million extra into Adult Social Care because we have grown ourselves out of austerity – investing in new homes and regeneration of town centres to bring in more council tax and business rate revenues.

Click here for 20 reasons to back Labour’s 2017 Anti-Austerity Budget

Please share this widely with friends, family and neighbours to make sure we get the word out as to how your Labour Councillors are resisting Tory austerity in Ealing.


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