Charan Sharma

Having lived in Perivale for over thirty years, Charan has served Perivale Ward as a Councillor since 2014. She is passionate about the environment and wants to work to reduce emissions across the borough by promoting active travel. She is also dedicated to the community of Perivale and wants to make it even better for […]

Tariq Mahmood

Tariq Mahmood has lived in Ealing for almost 20 years and has been a local councillor for eight years. Whilst serving as a councillor, Tariq has always been passionate about meeting local people and raising their concerns. Tariq is passionate about Perivale and the community bonds here that were so clear during the pandemic, and […]

Munir Ahmed

Munir Ahmed has lived and worked in Perivale for almost 30 years and has been a serving councillor since 2014. Munir has a strong track record of delivering local achievements in Perivale. He campaigned and successfully delivered wheelie bins in his ward, encouraged residents to increase recycling, took tough action on fly-tipping and provided Christmas […]