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in Ealing


We came, we knocked on doors, we got rained on… on the day of the Labour Manifesto launch we found so many people making the switch to Labour and to @DannyBeales 🌹🌹🌹

Another day, another fab response on the #LabourDoorstep with this awesome team, finding Labour voters backing @DannyBeales People are fed up with 14 years of the Tories... Calling for change!

Vote for change, vote Labour on 4 July 🌹

Warm conversations on the doorstep even as the rain turned chilly with @EalingLabour friends, as well as a former MP, a future MP and an Assembly Member. Lots of support for @DannyBeales 🌹

Another day and another great session for @DannyBeales on the #LabourDoorstep in Hillingdon.

Danny will give Uxbridge & South Ruislip the fresh start it so desperately needs. #VoteLabour 🌹

Great session out for @DannyBeales in Uxbridge & South Ruislip alongside @LondonLabour’s Leaders from across our great city this morning.

Back to the office, ahead of more canvassing later! 🌹

A super Saturday of campaigning to get NEW Labour MPs across Ealing & Hillingdon, who will deliver change: @deirdrecostigan , @tony_gill91 & @DannyBeales

Out with @SadiqKhan @KrupeshHirani @_petermason & the brill @EalingLabour & @HillingdonLab teams!

Vote Labour... on 4 July 🌹

Another great session this afternoon for @DannyBeales at South Ruislip. Met Tory-to-Labour switchers saying “It’s time for change, it’s time for a Labour Government” 💪🏼🌹💪🏼@EalingLabour

Another great trip over to Swindon this morning to lend a hand to the brilliant @WStone4SN. @EalingLabour have been out right across Ealing’s three constituencies, Uxbridge and Swindon today. 🌹🌹🌹

#TwinningIsWinning #Win24 #Change

Since our last manifesto in real terms, successive Tory governments cut another £77.5m from our budget.

How your council tax is spent in Lorem & Ipsum

This rounds the loss to the council budget to £185m since 2010. If that makes you as angry as us, it’s time you saw red. Join us in our campaign for a Labour Government to deliver fairer funding for Brent, led by Keir Starmer as our Prime Minister.

Now more than ever, every £1 of your Council Tax has to stretch further and further to keep essential services running. You might not see these services, but they are a lifeline to many; protecting our vulnerable young people and supporting our older residents to live with independence and dignity.

The challenges we face in Ealing


Since 2010, the council has seen two thirds of its core budget cut by central government, at the same time as requiring in law every local authority to set a balanced budget. We have had to take many difficult decisions, always protecting those who are most vulnerable.

Broken Markets

The last few decades have seen a huge shift in the delivery of public services to the private sector. Too much of this is done at high costs and low quality. Whether in social housing, recycling or adult social care, we are already seeing private companies handing back contracts or going under, with local government having to step in and pick up the pieces.


Our borough is growing older, and families continue to face huge pressures, with breakdowns and homelessness on the rise. The increasing need of the most vulnerable in our borough must be met, which means we spend the overwhelming majority of our resources supporting those who need support.

Cost of Living Crisis

Caused by the disastrous budget of Liz Truss and the Tories, the cost of living crisis is impacting every family in the borough. The everyday prices of shopping, energy, rent and mortgages are running at record high levels. With higher prices for everyone,  including the council, there is simply less money to do good things.


The events of 4,000 miles away in Minnesota brought new focus on brutality and violence directed toward Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic communities. But structural inequality and racism are far from new, and have long been with us. We know where the largest inequalities exist in our borough and we cannot wait to take meaningful action to end them.

Climate Crisis

Global temperatures continue to climb, poor air quality continues to kill and London is seeing an increasing number of extreme weather events. With global events having extremely local consequences, sustaining our environment and our economy is now more urgent than ever before.


Labour will tackle these issues head-on

Our priorities

Over the next 4 years, we aim to build a fairer, greener
Ealing that works for everyone.

Tackle the
cost of living

Since 2010, we’ve saved the average family £2,500, by keeping council tax either frozen or as low as possible and we will continue to do so. We’ll also ensure those on the lowest pay are protected.


Fight crime &
antisocial behaviour

After a decade of cuts from the government, the police have struggled to deal with antisocial behaviour and violent crime. We will campaign for the powers we need to enforce the rules to make our neighbourhoods safer, punish rule breakers, and ensure no one is above the law.


Recover from
the pandemic

Coronavirus has hit people’s incomes hard, so we will secure new well-paid jobs, support people back into work after lockdown and deliver more support for small and local businesses to thrive.


Genuinely affordable homes

London’s affordable housing crisis means we need to do everything we can to build more homes that cost no more than a third of household incomes, stop people being priced out of local housing, and build many more new council homes for rent.


Re-grow, Re-wild
& Recycle

Everyone agrees we need to tackle the climate crisis, protect the environment and do even more to make our borough cleaner and greener, and make so much more of our borough open and accessible for people to enjoy.


Fix Social Care

COVID-19 has shown clearly that the government should fix social care, so it is not left to council taxpayers. In the meantime, we’ll support 3,000 of the most vulnerable residents get the care they need in their own homes and deliver the London Living Wage for all care workers.

Our team

Ealing Labour currently has over 50 elected councillors across Ealing, representing you in 21 different wards.